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  • Olivia “My SAT score is bad” Lori “One dollar equals one point up on the SAT” FBI then knocks on the door and Lori denies any wrongdoing

    Mason SimmsMason SimmsГодину таму
  • No “I’m so sorry...”, nothing. What a selfish little brat! Are we forgetting that this b***h gave everyone the middle finger on social media a while back? HELLO! You need to do some soul searching and seriously apologize because no damn way you thought you got into USC the honest way....

    Keekee FriesKeekee FriesГодину таму
  • This girl is a complete embarrassment. I would feel so pathetic trying to make money on BYproject after all of this.

    Anna SmoleyAnna SmoleyГодину таму
  • sounds like a real rocket scientist. That's not fair sorry she may be very smart just get into school with hard work like normal people do.

    Bobby PhillipsBobby Phillips3 години таму
  • Everyone is blaming her mom for the bribing but broooo USC literally let her do it. PETITION TO FUCKING SUE USC AS WELL

    Allen RiveraAllen Rivera5 годин таму
  • Moral of the story is..... Me: what story?? You havent even said anythng

    LovellLovell5 годин таму
  • You are a joke lady.

    DDD FrancisDDD Francis5 годин таму
  • Everyone hates you.

    Richard GoldenRichard Golden6 годин таму
  • Privilege at its finest

    sypen1sypen17 годин таму
  • I can't ever understand why anyone would like this try so hard, wannabe bitch. And why the F was this recommended to me!?

    misstinatmmisstinatm9 годин таму
  • This woman was well aware of the scam and should equally be prosecuted for the issue.

    MM9 годин таму
  • If you cared or had any remorse about what you did you wouldn’t make a videos again

    Freya GundryFreya Gundry14 годин таму
  • So much negativity!!!!! I don’t see how you or your mother were wrong. Welcome Back, Girl 💕

    jasmine taybronjasmine taybron15 годин таму
  • How’s your rowing going?? 🚣‍♀️

    Nathaniel RobinsonNathaniel Robinson16 годин таму
  • Is there a way to dislike this twice?

    vice or abetsvice or abets18 годин таму
  • You took a spot from a worthy college student :) I personally know 3.7-4.0 GPA students who were rejected from USC last year. Looks and fame can only get you so far. You might be able to buy and cheat your way into college, but you can’t buy or cheat your reputation back.

    Jennifer BellJennifer Bell18 годин таму
    • Richie Richardson And I don’t agree with donors getting priority consideration either. It makes sense why schools (specifically private schools why USC) would do that, but I don’t personally support that. I will say there is a difference between admitting a good student with donor potential versus admitting a student with donor potential who lied on their application. However, I do 100% support affirmative action and think that is a completely separate issue. That has nothing to do with “taking a spot” from someone else. It’s preventing schools from denying spots to people because of their race. Comparing affirmative action to CHEATING your way into college is a horrible analogy.

      Jennifer BellJennifer Bell5 годин таму
    • Dr Dre donated $70 million to USC so his daughter would be accepted as ac student. Since Dr Dre or his daughter never posted online her GPA,ACT and SAT tests scores his daughter took a place from a hard working student that earned their academic achievements . Also other wealthy parents that make huge donations to USC have their children admitted as students too. Affirmative action requires all of the elite universities involved in the college admission consulting scandal to allow minority students that lack the academic achievements to be admitted as students . Nobody is complaining about those situations. USC accepts 13% of all applicants as students which means 87% are rejected.

      Richie RichardsonRichie Richardson6 годин таму
  • Wow, haters everywhere on this thread. Forgive her and move on. We are such a hateful society now due to social media. Give the girl a break. If you hate her content so much leave and unfollow her.

    Kari GKari G18 годин таму
    • Hey Kari--yes, some comments are violent and vile, but most people are just expressing their valid opinion. If she was avoiding her high school counselor like the plague, even when she was having trouble filling out her application, she knew something was up. "Haters" is a dopey term for people who just happen to disagree with you , albeit in the extreme. It's called free speech, healthy debate, and it is a good thing.

      Margaret LangfordMargaret Langford7 годин таму
    • No forgiveness, no mercy, no reconciliation. Doing that is what created and caused issues like this to emerge in the first place. Evil and bad deeds must be combated immediately and harshly with no remorse. Anything less merely delays yet another issue that will take its place.

      MM9 годин таму
    • I hear you. Sadly certain people (victim seekers) regularly look for people to attack without any intention of giving an ounce of constructive criticism.

      Rob BRob B10 годин таму
  • Unless you want to apologize for abusing your privilege then please just fuck right off. All that money and multiple blessings and you tried to cheat people out of an education that you didn’t even want and didn’t need. You’re gross.

    krunchykrystalkrunchykrystal20 годин таму
  • Of course you need to come back to BYproject. You don’t have anything else. Your parents are going to jail. They’ll have to pay massive fines, as well as a lengthy prison sentence, and you lost every single one of your endorsements. It’s such a shame that you knew it was all wrong and yet your didn’t say or do one thing about it. You gladly went on the deans yacht and bathed in the sunshine. It’s unreal what goes on behind closed doors. All the secrets. All the lies.

    RachelRachel20 годин таму
  • Literally did not say anything.... literally.

    Tessa ElkingtonTessa Elkington21 годину таму
  • I kind of feel bad but at the same time I don’t idk

    Samantha MartinezSamantha Martinez21 годину таму
  • Your channel is trash 🖕🏾

    Janessa AguinaldoJanessa Aguinaldo22 години таму
  • nope! nope! absolutely not! nay! nay!!! i refuse! naw! kk bye!

    Talia F.Talia F.22 години таму
  • I’m sorry but get off of BYproject. Do you now realize of a soiled entitled brat you look like? All you care about is being and influenced on a platform. You want the Easy way out in life. You really have a disgusting personality and you think you should have a platform like that and expose that to kids?

    Name LastName Last23 години таму
  • Have you been to real life? It is a fun place, come join us

    Exterminator 1Exterminator 1Дзень таму
  • A spoiled brat who thinks she can do anything. Why would anyone follow her?

    2cute2flirt2cute2flirtДзень таму
  • I wish I could apologize for others, because everyone seems to forget your innocent until proven guilty and that's all that matters right now . You are way too young to let haters get you down so keep posting videos and quit reading the hate. Good luck to you and your family. Hopefully you can get some peace from making your step back doing something you love. Peace Out

    Rodney WilsonRodney WilsonДзень таму
  • Im so disgusted by the fact that she thinks she can just come back after everything that happened. She literally stole a spot from someone who worked super hard in high school. She received no repercussions for her actions. She posted an instagram photo flipping off media outlets that talked about her scandal, but in reality im sure she loved the fame and publicity when it benefitted her. She should’ve accepted everything that came along with fame and genuinely apologized for her and her family’s actions. The entitlement disgusts me and I just wish she actually learned from the experience.

    Arielle HayonArielle HayonДзень таму
  • Fuck off

    Diego QuinteroDiego QuinteroДзень таму
  • I understood nothing

    Ayşe Gökçe ÖzkanAyşe Gökçe ÖzkanДзень таму
  • Bitch

    Chandler Can I say this any WeirderChandler Can I say this any WeirderДзень таму
  • Hey bitch I know you're seeing these comments

    Chandler Can I say this any WeirderChandler Can I say this any WeirderДзень таму
  • I bet you get fucked by white boys who wear skinny jeans and get money from there parents.

    Chandler Can I say this any WeirderChandler Can I say this any WeirderДзень таму
  • Bitch you know you're going to jail also. You knew exactly what happened and you were part of it.

    Chandler Can I say this any WeirderChandler Can I say this any WeirderДзень таму
  • Could anyone explain to me what happened? Why her mother is in jail?

    PaulettaPaulettaДзень таму
  • I really don't like you or Aunt Becky.

    Hello ThereHello ThereДзень таму
  • Your a gutter piece of shit and should be jailed as well. Since you’re old enough to bribe a school that many people who put in the effort such as myself without a mommy or daddy to pay my way for shitty grades.. your being enabled and think you deserve it ,it truly is sickening ..I could get the concept that your mother wanted you to go to the best school she could afford but with 50,000 for a bribe why bother going at all ??? Seems to me and the rest of the news that you wanted something more but wasn’t smart enough to do it 😂😂😂so you use the only way you know how money.. oh wait but STILL not YOUR money your mothers 😂😂😂😂😂😂your a disgusting girl who still hasn’t even apologized you think your videos make a difference they don’t the only ONLY reason people come here as of now is because (nothing new) YOUR THE DAUGHTER OF A FAMOUS HORRID MOTHER AND WE ARE STILL WAITING FOR THAT APOLOGY ... it’s hilarious how you still can’t wrap that tiny bribing brain of yours around the fact that what you have done is illegal ...just shameful .. I wonder how you asked mommy😂😂 “ Mom my test scores are low because I don’t try in school and I wanna go USC so it looks like I being independent “ ..Your mom :” you want to be independent and do it yourself ? OK!! LET ME GIVE YOU A 50,000 bribe with the dean to make sure your independent while still being dependent! :)” both are just utter awful and that’s why this is so amusing .. don’t drop the soap bitch .

    Jacqueline SolariJacqueline SolariДзень таму
  • So this is what failed parenting looks like. Jesus, Aunt Becky really tanked this effort...

    Booyaka9000Booyaka9000Дзень таму
  • After careful review of recent developments, we have made the decision to end the Sephora Collection partnership with Olivia Jade, effective immediately,” a Sephora representative said in a statement to Business Insider. Her lack of honesty and seemingly bottomless depths of shallowness have forced us to part ways with this hallow shameless attention seeking child.

    davery802davery802Дзень таму
  • I suppose there's no chance of getting this moron removed from You-tube? No, thought not.

    andrea22213andrea22213Дзень таму
  • Get lost!!! You are a cheater and NOBODY wants to see or hear your stupid videos anymore!!!

    NancyJNancyJДзень таму
  • Go Away!

    stevesomodistevesomodiДзень таму
  • Just go away please

    Return of the frisbee champion PuppyReturn of the frisbee champion PuppyДзень таму
    • Troy thank you for the very humble comment.

      Return of the frisbee champion PuppyReturn of the frisbee champion PuppyДзень таму
    • You know you didn't have to click.

      TroyTroyДзень таму
  • Girl sounds like she smokes 3 packs a day 🚬 💀

    Daniel NearyDaniel Neary2 дні таму
  • I feel sorry for Olivia, can we all please support her during this hard time she is going through.

    110% Every Day!110% Every Day!2 дні таму
  • She turned off all her comment sections... what’s the point of watching her videos now??? Boring.

    Morgan PaulMorgan Paul2 дні таму
    • She turned off the comments because of trolls trolling.

      TroyTroy2 дні таму
    • Also what was the point of this video? She said lot but at the same time said shit

      Morgan PaulMorgan Paul2 дні таму
  • She doesn't know anyone to miss. I think Olivia misses talking to herself and getting a phat check for it.

    Shanna StoweShanna Stowe2 дні таму
    • You are correct. You are observant and not like most on here who are are here just to spread hate.

      TroyTroy2 дні таму
  • Alright, alright. I see an apology video of sorts, and I see people clowning her in the comments. Now, someone please tell me what's going on. k thx

    Your Papa Brainzzz123Your Papa Brainzzz1232 дні таму

    • Troy from one peon to another. Thank you

    • I agree with you, you know you being a peon.

      TroyTroy2 дні таму
  • Awwwwww! You like, really really miss it? You mean the monetization of your channel and the flow of income coming in based on your entire life's history of unwarranted privilege? Worried your viewers have forgotten about you and this little goose will no longer lay golden eggs for you from now on? Oh what ever should you do you poor poor baby, the daughter of millionaires, set for life? FUCK YOU! I hope you and your parents go to prison, and I mean a REAL, federal, "POUND ME IN THE ASS" prison. But.... alas.... that never happens to the rich and privileged. Real consequences are only for the rest of us. Get fucked and shut your channel down. That is what the public REALLY wants.

    Slak JawSlak Jaw2 дні таму
    • After looking at your profile picture I can see why you are mad. You are one ugly looking bastard. BTW keep your gay fantasies to yourself. Queer Bait.

      TroyTroy2 дні таму
  • PEOPLE! HER PARENTS PLEADED NOT GUILTY! So If she says “I’m sorry” that would be proving there guilt. I’m sure if she wasn’t in such a tangled up situation she could say so much more. But if you are mature... You would know how court and lawyers work.

    Your nerd MaddisonYour nerd Maddison2 дні таму
  • At 5M+ views, this is her most popular BYproject video ever. Wow.

    Liz W.Liz W.2 дні таму
  • what the actual. fuck. did i just watch.

    vinylic carbonvinylic carbon2 дні таму
  • Guys stop judging her. People make mistake, remember that you also have your own mistake that maybe God hasn't showed to a lot of people yet.

    wafa zulfawafa zulfa2 дні таму
  • another worthless human

    Jerome FreitasJerome Freitas2 дні таму
    • Another black guy hating on the rich white people.

      TroyTroy2 дні таму
  • Dumb. Ass.

    Jessica TJessica T3 дні таму
  • This has the energy of "Kim stop taking selfies your sister's going to jail"

    Jessica HJessica H3 дні таму
    • Troy haha

      Jessica HJessica H2 дні таму
    • Another Asian that despises pretty American girls.

      TroyTroy2 дні таму
  • Damn she lost a lot of subscribers 😂

    Leslie MedranoLeslie Medrano3 дні таму
    • Richie Richardson that shits crazy, oh well good luck to her

      Leslie MedranoLeslie MedranoДзень таму
    • @Leslie Medrano It does seem like she had more subscribers back in March 2019 when the news of the college admission scandal became public knowledge.

      Richie RichardsonRichie RichardsonДзень таму
    • Richie Richardson oh wow I didn’t knew that 😬

      Leslie MedranoLeslie MedranoДзень таму
    • Actuallly she gained 200k subscribers after posting this video.

      Richie RichardsonRichie Richardson3 дні таму
  • Look at those "never rowed in my life" shoulders.

    Jake LambuthJake Lambuth3 дні таму
  • Girl acting like she been gone forever. Take 5 years off from this and do some self-reflecting!

    Molly CavanaughMolly Cavanaugh3 дні таму