MIAMI VLOG | RX100 VII | Sony | Cyber-shot

100% shot with RX100 VII using S-Log3 and colour graded.
In spite of the compact and lightweight camera body, RX100 VII has many advanced features for creators and vloggers.
Fast AF, Real-time Tracking and Touch Tracking gives you fast, easy autofocus you can rely on, while Real-time Eye AF (human) ensures precise focus. Even when you're walking, image stabilisation "Active" mode produces smooth 4K video. With a tilting selfie screen and external mic input, both framing and audio are stress-free. 4K HDR (HLG)* / S-Log3 recording and Interval Shooting expands your creativity. Vertical-position data recording is also possible for smartphone viewing.
* 3840 x 2160 pixels. When the “Auto Power Off Temperature” is set to “Standard”, continuous recording is possible for up to 5 minutes. A Class 10 or higher SDHC/SDXC card is required for XAVC S format movie recording. UHS-I (U3) SDHC/SDXC card is required for 100Mbps. Connect this product to an HDR (HLG) compatible Sony TV via a USB cable to display HDR (HLG) movies.
Accessories are optional.
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  • Where do I get the bracket??? Does anyone knows which is the model of the bracket used?

    DOMDOMМесяц таму
  • How much

    sohag Hossain Vlogsohag Hossain Vlog2 месяцы таму
  • Of course, beast of low light compact, but still my 300USD DSLR wins

    Trevis SchifferTrevis Schiffer3 месяцы таму
  • Where does one buy the Microphone Bracket as depicted in the video?

    Vincent AguirreVincent Aguirre4 месяцы таму
  • This video maker is so awesome , I'm falling in love with you SONY

    Collin KuoCollin Kuo5 месяцаў таму
  • Give back spiderman

    h agenth agent6 месяцаў таму
  • Why Sony? Why are you not learning from your own amazing Spiderman mistakes?

    lukeGOlukeGO6 месяцаў таму
  • Sony why in the world are you making this mistake? You must recontact marvel for a new deal for spiderman or you will loose a lot of money and fans in the long run, recontact marvel before it's too late

    Matteo SalsedoMatteo Salsedo6 месяцаў таму
    • You meant LOSE with a Z sound, not LOOSE with an S sound.

      PigumonPigumon4 месяцы таму
    • We need to spam this to every platform that sony has, they need to know they are making a mistake

      Matteo SalsedoMatteo Salsedo6 месяцаў таму
  • Not *ONE MENTION* of image stabilization. Not like someone walking and talking to a camera needs THAT though I'm sure this camera has it.

    Not Leaving Las Vegas - a Vegas Video ChannelNot Leaving Las Vegas - a Vegas Video Channel6 месяцаў таму
  • I wanna BUY!!!

    Budiey ChannelBudiey Channel6 месяцаў таму
  • 😍😍 Edit. For camera

  • Always SONY 😘 😘 😘

    YumYum RecordsYumYum Records6 месяцаў таму
  • Tiny 1 inch sensor? What can you do with that? It's 2019, you may as well shoot with an iPhone 💩

    ****6 месяцаў таму
  • What a camera! loved it

    PriceOyePriceOye6 месяцаў таму
  • Sony

    Deadmau5 TVDeadmau5 TV6 месяцаў таму
  • Nesesito esa cámara el mejor producto del 2019

  • I'd get a DJI Osmo Pocket: only $400, wider angle, 4k60, built in gimbal.

    Frank FengFrank Feng7 месяцаў таму
    • I have a gopro hero 7 black and ykj get real tired of fisheye real fast, and battery life on these cameras, audio quality is also very poor.

      Not Leaving Las Vegas - a Vegas Video ChannelNot Leaving Las Vegas - a Vegas Video Channel6 месяцаў таму
    • @Donatello petrini I already admitted it's the best but it's still overpriced.

      Frank FengFrank Feng6 месяцаў таму
    • Frank Feng name the better compact camera?

      Donatello petriniDonatello petrini6 месяцаў таму
    • @Donatello petrini RX100Vii is far from perfect albeit the best in the compact 1" market. Therefore Sony can charge however much they want.

      Frank FengFrank Feng6 месяцаў таму
    • Image quality will be better on sony.

      Louis studiosLouis studios6 месяцаў таму
  • Looks awesome!

    avpfilmsavpfilms7 месяцаў таму
  • How long does it last until it shuts off because of overheating in Miami?

    beton scheitelbeton scheitel7 месяцаў таму
  • Incrível !!!

    Alexander DenarelliAlexander Denarelli7 месяцаў таму
  • I'd love to vlog with the a7000 or a7siii

    breadkrumbsbreadkrumbs7 месяцаў таму
    • Even if you would earn 5 digit numbers and more each month from your vlogs, you will never love to enjoy vlogging with > 1kg of equipment >.<

      RedJokerRedJoker6 месяцаў таму
  • what is the editing software that you are using?

    Verbs describe usVerbs describe us7 месяцаў таму
  • Supergirl. The Best Camera. I live in a multi-million country where the salary is $ 200 a month. Customs tax in my country is 32%, while buying in a store, another tax of 20% is charged. Unfortunately, I will never buy this camera with such a salary and taxes )) Amen!

    ТеХ ОбзоРТеХ ОбзоР7 месяцаў таму
  • когда Sony сделает поворотный экран???))) дичь какая-то

    Сергей ЗильберманСергей Зильберман7 месяцаў таму
  • I don't understand why I have to wait until the Mark VII to have a microphone input. ?

    Larry TamLarry Tam7 месяцаў таму
    • Lol. Well it's here so unless you are a time traveler going backwards....why worry?

      J. T.J. T.7 месяцаў таму
  • Vlog with half an hour battary, seriously?

    瓦夏Vasha瓦夏Vasha7 месяцаў таму
  • 🔥🔥🔥

    Niyaz 11Niyaz 117 месяцаў таму
  • I'm fine with full HD for vloggin don't need do see every single dot in my face

    ᒪᗴᐯIᗩᑎ & Z ᑎᗩᑕᕼTՏᑕᕼᗩTTᗴᑎᒪᗴᐯIᗩᑎ & Z ᑎᗩᑕᕼTՏᑕᕼᗩTTᗴᑎ7 месяцаў таму
    • We don't need to see your face at all. Narcissism sucks.

      PigumonPigumon4 месяцы таму
    • But in 1080p the "Active steadyshot" is not working anyway

      瓦夏Vasha瓦夏Vasha7 месяцаў таму
  • the sample video is too desaturated. look bad

    Jack SkeletonyJack Skeletony7 месяцаў таму
    • @瓦夏Vasha right cannot be a true s-log. But color graded software-wise. But i think it looks fairly professional

      GINAL ORIGINAL ORI5 месяцаў таму
    • @GINAL ORI While in this video, it's merely bad color grading.

      瓦夏Vasha瓦夏Vasha6 месяцаў таму
    • @GINAL ORI s-log 3 did provide more DR but it created much more banding in post and serious noise in shadow if shot in uncontrollable light condition. 8 bit 4:2:0 is NO TRUE S-LOG only if sony release its XEVC codec and shoot 10 bit.

      瓦夏Vasha瓦夏Vasha6 месяцаў таму
    • it's the s-log3.. most advanced of the s-log series yet in a compact camera... ever ! even DSLR series included. It give much more tolerance between light and shadow than any other picture styles. For newbies, it might not look as cool but it's actually very cool for video recording.

      GINAL ORIGINAL ORI6 месяцаў таму
    • So called "Cinematic", which is not

      瓦夏Vasha瓦夏Vasha7 месяцаў таму
  • Don't need this crap. Where is the A7sIII ???

    Antoine CiceronAntoine Ciceron7 месяцаў таму
  • 1:46 “accossories”

    noreactionnoreaction7 месяцаў таму
    • We live in the era of stupidity, where intelligent people are called Nazis.

      PigumonPigumon4 месяцы таму
  • For a small price of $3,000. Haha XD

    WGamerTV / WGTVWGamerTV / WGTV7 месяцаў таму
    • yeah exactly! my Osmo Pocket is a better investment IMO

      Zero Point ProductionsZero Point Productions7 месяцаў таму
  • Please release a Shooting Grip Remote without old fashioned protruding awkward cables- PLEASE

    jon leejon lee7 месяцаў таму
    • Remote is least reliable approach. SONY's got least stable wireless link, what do u expect :(

      瓦夏Vasha瓦夏Vasha7 месяцаў таму
  • I have no doubt that it is an amazing VLOG camera

    Yohai ben poratYohai ben porat7 месяцаў таму
  • Hey Sony nice new camera and nice Miami video. Definitely expose the camera capabilities in such extreme sunlight situations. Can you expose the name of the DP or Director of this video?

    Intruder StudioIntruder Studio7 месяцаў таму
    • That's not the correct use of expose.

      PigumonPigumon4 месяцы таму
  • Miami vlogger checking in...... 0_0

    Super EnthusedSuper Enthused7 месяцаў таму
    • hecpara oh hiiii Hector!!

      Super EnthusedSuper Enthused7 месяцаў таму
    • HI JACKIE!

      hecparahecpara7 месяцаў таму
  • cheating! without using a ND filter it's not possible this motion blurs!

    dimitrimoonlightdimitrimoonlight7 месяцаў таму
    • @Intruder Studio whatever

      dimitrimoonlightdimitrimoonlight7 месяцаў таму
    • only old rx100 user will understand ND filter is how useful

      Hippy LaiHippy Lai7 месяцаў таму
    • @J. T. Not wrong, at least without post-procesing

      Intruder StudioIntruder Studio7 месяцаў таму
    • Wrong

      J. T.J. T.7 месяцаў таму
  • What are those accessories she is using ?

    6ixFlixClips6ixFlixClips7 месяцаў таму
  • A7s3?? Just joining the hype.

    Let’s Find OutLet’s Find Out7 месяцаў таму
  • 1200USD worth of greatness

    黑蕉PannanaTV黑蕉PannanaTV7 месяцаў таму
  • I knew this was gonna be released soon, now just waiting for the a7s3

    David HrzenjakDavid Hrzenjak7 месяцаў таму
  • Sony actively encourages the shooting of vertical video? PLEASE DON'T!!!!

    NicMediaDesignNicMediaDesign7 месяцаў таму
    • @Matt McManiac Who cares? Vertical video is cancer.

      NicMediaDesignNicMediaDesign7 месяцаў таму
    • It's for IG stories

      Matt McManiacMatt McManiac7 месяцаў таму
  • Where is my A7sIV?

    TheLimitBreakerTheLimitBreaker7 месяцаў таму
    • @TheLimitBreaker ok

      maor vakninmaor vaknin7 месяцаў таму
    • It is in the oven. relax.

      Carpe DiemCarpe Diem7 месяцаў таму
    • Dont you see A7RIV ? A7SIII wont make sense . A7 entered new MarkIV lineup with better ergonomic design. So there will be A7sIV .

      TheLimitBreakerTheLimitBreaker7 месяцаў таму
    • Sony a7siii 🤦🏼‍♂️

      maor vakninmaor vaknin7 месяцаў таму
  • Is SteadyShot disabled on Movie mode when using PC remote?

    xenophobichartxenophobichart7 месяцаў таму
  • Another rx100 just great

    rex abdurrahmanrex abdurrahman7 месяцаў таму