The Sony Xperia 1 Deserves Your Attention

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The Sony Xperia 1 has received significant attention from the smartphone community. It features an unusual display (4k, OLED, 21:9) and therefore an unusual form factor. Has Sony finally created a smartphone capable of competing with the Samsung, Apple and others?
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  • Xperia 1 or OnePlus 7 Pro?

    Unbox TherapyUnbox Therapy7 месяцаў таму
    • Samsung

      Yahia SayedYahia Sayed14 дзён таму
    • xperia z maybe?

      RavFrom YettiRavFrom YettiМесяц таму
    • Xperia on fire all the time

      Muhammad RafayMuhammad Rafay2 месяцы таму
    • One plus

      coro NA NA NA NA NAcoro NA NA NA NA NA2 месяцы таму
    • xperia 1

      Me NicholletteMe Nichollette2 месяцы таму
  • sony made the first foldable tablet .. am i right??

    witt gutierrezwitt gutierrez6 годин таму
  • sony has so weak batteries .... and they have very bad phones my xperia got laggy and slow after three months and samsung grand neo 2 works well even today ... so what can i say im dissapointed with sony .

    Milenko CobanovicMilenko Cobanovic21 годину таму
  • they are just about to launch the next Xperia and I literally cant wait to see it

    KlaUDiO YoshiKlaUDiO YoshiДзень таму
  • The ppi is insane

    CK-BrockCK-BrockДзень таму
  • iPhone user here,I think this looks cool..thinking of changing over

    Eric BladeEric Blade2 дні таму
  • I don't know why but there's always something about Sony's styling. They're just the king of classiness when it comes to design. Understated elegance is what they manage to pull. Maybe not always but it's something few other manufacturers can pull off.

    ronch550ronch5503 дні таму
  • My first Android phone was a Sony Xperia Sola back in 2012. Still works to this day but being Android 2.3 it's slower than paint drying. Mauve I'll go with Sony again next time but it's hard to resist all the other great-value-for-money phones from Huawei, Realme, Reemi, Xiaomi, Honor, Oppo, and Vivo (those last two aren't really great value compared to the others I mentioned but they're not that bad either). Sony needs to make some noise if they wanna keep playing in the smartphone market but I'm afraid they're gonna exit soon.

    ronch550ronch5503 дні таму
  • The only reason my phone has never been stolen is because it's a sony

    Silver FilmsSilver Films3 дні таму
  • Love Sony, but I'll wait till they get the fucking headphone jack back!!

    Lysets vokterLysets vokter4 дні таму
  • The screen-to-body ratio is disappointing.

    Leroy GlassLeroy Glass4 дні таму
  • Aaaa.... the Sony Discman that was the s***! I remember how stoked I was on that thing I was doing in the f****** Columbia House s*** I think I still owe them like a hundred fifty bucks

    G BG B4 дні таму
  • I had a Xperia...And to be honest...It was incredible...

  • been averaging at least 4 yrs outta every xperia i have owned and they still work .the pace at which technology keeps evolving is insane .Sony is the most under rated phone manufacturer. first to launch waterproof phones (take under water photos) , 4K screen ,960 fps ,21:9 Still people complain about Bezels !

    simran devGUNsimran devGUN6 дзён таму
  • sony really has the worst screen ever

    Jeck SilverJeck Silver7 дзён таму
  • Is it worth to upgrade from XZ PREMIUM?

    Benos Buenos LifeBenos Buenos Life8 дзён таму
  • Finaly Sony is back ❤️

    Eyad TalebEyad Taleb8 дзён таму
  • Sony definitely have the best looking Android phones, but the UX experience was eh... Been using 2 Sony phones since their first name on Xperia S, then the waterproof Xperia Z. Not went well, phone got slow, heat... Many problems.

    Siri PodSiri Pod8 дзён таму
  • Now only if Samsung could catch up that would be great lol

    Krushall KayKrushall Kay9 дзён таму
  • I had the z5 premium and i was not impressed. Hopefully this one is better.

    Eternal Being33Eternal Being339 дзён таму
  • I own the xz 2 and my God I've been in love with Sony phones since 2015 with the xz premium. Also really want the xperia one. Ugh I'm just in love with there cameras as well.

    Cringy Craig eats Crave in a CaveCringy Craig eats Crave in a Cave10 дзён таму
  • sony make everthink even movies

    DrHouse2004DrHouse200411 дзён таму
  • 3300mAh Battery? That's poor.... Written on my 4200mAh P30pro

    EPIC0MUSICEPIC0MUSIC12 дзён таму
  • Any Sony users My Sony Experia is E5 and i like my turn on screen because it changes the colors

    Rukajja PecoRukajja Peco12 дзён таму
  • My next one after Xperia XZ Premium, l love Sony Xperia

    Willow ManyowaWillow Manyowa12 дзён таму
  • Sony xz3 please

  • Looks kinda outdated and hard to hold. Sony really need to innovate to get ahead. That’s why they’re not selling anymore.

    Andrei CojocariuAndrei Cojocariu13 дзён таму
  • Watching from my Sony Xperia 1 phone... awesome phone!!!

    the eggroll guythe eggroll guy14 дзён таму
  • I dont even have a phone!!!!

    Farah RehmanFarah Rehman14 дзён таму
  • Xperia phone is the most underrated smartphone ever.

    tran tuongtran tuong14 дзён таму
  • I still think it's crazy that a phone can cost a grand

    Big LBig L16 дзён таму
  • Xperia... Best phone series ever built.. I never was disappointed with them! And I work on a rough place

    wasgeht dichdasanwasgeht dichdasan16 дзён таму
  • Who also cleaning their mobiles after watching this? 😂

    amazingamazing17 дзён таму
  • My next smartphone is this for sure with TCL stopping support for my BlackBerry Motion in 2022 (hopefully the price will drop by then).

    Powerhouse 1996Powerhouse 199619 дзён таму
  • I'm a big Sony fanboy, I got a bunch of Sony products but I was very disappointed with this phone.

    Carlos FonseCarlos Fonse21 дзень таму
  • This phone has more buutons than my controller😂

    Vettas 4Vettas 421 дзень таму
  • Sony has what it takes to completely dominate the world of high-end smartphones. This is not their best, but it's something. I just know they can do much better. I've been with Sony since about 1994, and everything I've ever owned by them has been top-notch. My friend and I used to say if Sony made shoes, we'd buy them.

    KeithThe IconoclastKeithThe Iconoclast21 дзень таму
  • Proud 10 plus user

    Nikko ScrivaniNikko Scrivani23 дні таму
  • The xperia play was way cooler and now that phones are way stronger they could make it amazing with the built in controller and since its Sony licensor for PlayStation wouldn't be a problem.

    Wsoares89Wsoares8923 дні таму
  • So.... How do you watch 4k video quality on mobile? For example I have a S10+ and I'm at home so I have good wifi connection, every single video on BYproject has a maximum display resolution option of 720p even if the video is uploaded in 4k (which I'm able to verify on PC)

    OutlandOutland23 дні таму
    • In Android youtube app phone will show 4k if phone supports that résolution. Using 4k phone since z5 premium. Need good wifi to render without being stuck.

      dom toredodom toredo15 дзён таму
  • Actually people dont deserve ur ideas...u must describe more about the specs in the mobile...dont scream in the video...u re donig it in a littlebit disgusting manner...😶

    Mihil SanjukaMihil Sanjuka23 дні таму
  • Hey I sold my Sony Xperia xz3 and now xperia 1 love it my old sony's are xperia x compart and xperia xz 1 and xperia xz Premium 4k and xperia xz 1 agen and xperia xz2 and xperia xz3 and now xperia 1 4k only sony's 4k 😍✌️👍

    Malik NielsenMalik Nielsen23 дні таму
  • Superb smartphone

  • watching this video on my one plus 7 pro 👻

    THE_GAMER 007THE_GAMER 00724 дні таму
  • Watching on my experia 1

    Alfonso AlvarezAlfonso Alvarez24 дні таму
  • Can Sony make a new Xperia play model please?

    Aramonde HasashiAramonde Hasashi25 дзён таму
  • I'm Indian I love you Sony

    Imruj SekhImruj Sekh25 дзён таму

  • Love it!

    Alejandro GuillenAlejandro Guillen27 дзён таму
  • sony still lags behind in price to performance ratio

    somebody nobodysomebody nobody28 дзён таму

    Robert AnonimRobert Anonim28 дзён таму
  • I cannot buy Sony because it has larger price In my country

    HBwood movies updateHBwood movies update28 дзён таму
  • I really don't like the "candy bar" slimness a lot of smartphones are doing these days I actually like my phone to have a little width

    Shon WestShon West29 дзён таму
  • Still it's not in middle east

    kuloth mkkuloth mk29 дзён таму
  • Do Realme X2 Pro

    Mera Naam AbhayMera Naam Abhay29 дзён таму
  • I LIKE SONY FaTher I LiKe SoNY

    Affan 19Affan 19Месяц таму
  • - Still own an Xperia S from 2012 and works great

    Omar 90sOmar 90sМесяц таму
  • I don't beleive in Sony phones anymore.. I gave 3 chances with 3 phones for the sake of loving Sony, and I just got disappointed everytime

    Dentart MhsDentart MhsМесяц таму
  • As always, Sony focusing on stuff that doesn't matter...4k on a screen this size is nothing more than a battery waster, battery that's already weak enough alone. And as always it'll be overpriced.

    Victor ReisVictor ReisМесяц таму
  • Review xperia 5

    izwan ibrahimizwan ibrahimМесяц таму